1. Edamame-(Soy Bean) --------------------------------3.59
2. Veggie Gyoza (Steamed or Fried) -----------------4.59

3. Barbeque Skewers------------------------------------3.59
(Vegan Beef and vegetables grilled w/ sauce)
4. Chicken Yakitori---------------------------------------3.59
(Vegan Chicken and veggie grilled w/ sauce)
5. Harumaki (Spring Rolls 4pcs) ----------------------4.59
6. Shrimp Tempura (With vegetables) --------------6.99
7. Chicken Tempura (With vegetables) -------------6.99
8. Sweet Potato & Squash Tempura-----------------4.59
9. Stuffed Jalapenos (6pcs) ----------------------------7.59
10. StuffedMushroom(6pcs)-----------------------7.59

11. SeaweedSalad-------------------------------------4.59

12. Oshitashi(BoiledspinachwithSS)-------------4.99

13. ColdTofuw/SeaweedSalad-------------------4.99

14. MisoSoup(Tofuandwakame)-----------------1.99

15. SpecialVegetableMisoSoup---Sm2.99Lg-4.99

16. SpecialVeggieWontonSoup-------------------5.99 

​Kiko Japanese

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Vegetarian Kitchen Dishes

(All dishes on vegetarian menu are prepared with different kitchen equipment)

(Served with Soup, Salad & Brown Rice) Fried Rice +$2
33. Chicken Teriyaki----------------------------------11.99
(Grilled Vegan Chicken w/ vegetables)
34. Beef Teriyaki---------------------------------------12.99
(Grilled Vegan Beef w/ vegetables)
35. Fish Katsu------------------------------------------11.99
(Vegan fish fried w/ vegetables)
36. Japan’s Curry Chicken---------------------------11.99
(Vegan Chicken stir fried w/ vegetable)
37. Japan’s Salt Pepper Pork-----------------------11.99
(Vegan pork stir fried w/ vegetables)
38. Stir-Fried Spicy Tofu-----------------------------10.99
(Tofu, Vegan pork, w/ vegetables and spicy sauce)
39. Ginger Onion Pork-------------------------------11.99
(Vegan pork w/ Ginger, onion and vegetables)
40. Yum Sweet Chicken-----------------------------11.99
(Deep fried vegan chicken w/ Kiko special tangy sauce)
41. Spicy Chicken-------------------------------------10.99
(Vegan Chicken Fried w/ vegetables and spicy sauce)

Rice & Noodle
(All dishes are made with Brown Rice)

42. Spinach&Ginger Fried Rice--------------------6.59

43. Curry Fried Rice------------------------------------6.59

44. BBQ Pork Fried Rice-------------------------------6.59

45. Veggie Ramen---------------------------------------8.99
(Vegan Chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, green veggies, corn,
bean sprouts)
46. Chicken&Veggies w/ Spaghetti Noodles---7.99

47. Chicken&Curry w/ Spaghetti Noodles------7.99

48. Spinach&Ginger w/ Spaghetti Noodles----7.99

49. Steamed Brown Rice------------------------------2.49 

Sushi Rolls & Combo
(All Rolls are made w/ Brown Rice)

Soy Paper + 50c Cucumber Wrap +$2
17. CaliforniaRoll---------------------------------------5.59
(Veggie crab meat, Avocado, Cucumber)
18. Spicy California Roll-------------------------------5.59

19. CrayonRoll-------------------------------------------7.99
(Lettuce, sweet potato, cucumber, daikon, carrots,
vegan shrimp, vegan spicy mayo)
20. Avocado on Top Roll------------------------------7.99
(Baked Chicken, cucumber topped with avocado)
21. Strawberry on Top Roll--------------------------7.99
(Vegan crabmeat, cuc topped w/ strawberry)
22. Chicken Tempura Roll----------------------------6.59
(Chicken Tempura, Avocado)
23. Shrimp Tempura Roll-----------------------------6.59
(Shrimp tempura, Avocado)
24. Dragon Roll------------------------------------------8.99
(Shp temp, cuc, avo, topped with vegan eel)
25. Spicy Yum Roll--------------------------------------7.99
(Spicy vegan crabmeat, avo, cuc, mixed veggies)
26. BBQ Pork Roll---------------------------------------5.99
(BBQ Pork, avocado, cucumber)
27. Crunchy Roll-----------------------------------------8.59
(Baked vegan Crabmeat, vegan Chicken zucchini, Battered and deep fried)
28. Smoked Eel Roll------------------------------------5.99
(Smoked eel, avocado, cucumber)
29. Super Fruit Roll-------------------------------------9.99
(Mango, peach, apple, strawberry, papaya, cantaloupe,
kiwi, banana, soy wrap)
30. Veggie Rolls
a. Sweet Potato Roll-------------5.09

b.Avocado Roll--------------------4.49

c. Cucumber Roll------------------4.49

d.Daikon Roll----------------------4.49

e. Kimchi Roll-----------------------5.09

f. Seaweed Salad Roll-----------5.09
31. Sushi Combo(12pcsveganNigiri)-------------16.99

32. Two Roll Combo----------------------------------12.99

(California, spicy California, Avocado on top Roll, Shrimp
Tempura Roll, Chicken Tempura, Spicy Yum, BBQ Pork)